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At the age of 15 years old, I created my first website, at 19 years old I have the chance to create my first real website for a packaging company, and since, I discover what I love the most. 6 months later I decide to buy my own host, I take the opportunity to start knocking blogs, landing page in my student room. I continue to watching tutos, I take the opportunity to follow programming courses at KEDGE BS, I'm building projects with friends around digital.
Finally if I decided to flourish in the digital it is because nothing was intended for me. I did not study programming, my parents think that SEO is the name of a political party. And yet I have the desire. The desire to become an expert, to look for creative ways to bring growth to organizations. Digital communication requires boldness and expertise to thinking out of the box and to look for new ways of developing and thinking are for me a source of fulfillment.

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I enjoy photography, video, since my first year at university. Thanks to a simple canon 700D, a 24-70mm USM L 4.0 and a 50mm USM 1.8


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Urban Rift is the meeting of 3 friends, determined to make discover the cities differently


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In 2017, I decided to find a place where I could share the news that caught my attention or the subjects which question myself


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Guillaume Franssen


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